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Studia MBA NLU



  • Contact usMBA NLU Program Office
    MBA NLU Program Office
    Institute for Advanced Management WSB-NLU,

    ul. Zielona 27, Room 610,
    33-300 Nowy Sącz,
    tel. +48 18 44 99 161,
    fax +48 18 44 22 007

    Required documents

    a) A completed application form (available at or at the office of Institute of Advancement Management of WSB-NLU).

    b) A copy of the applicant's diploma from a program at least equivalent to an American bachelor's degree.

    c) Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended or an original index book (or officially authorized copy) that shows grades for all enrolled courses.

    d) Documentation of satisfactory English language proficiency.

    e) Three completed letters of reference (submitted in sealed envelopes) - completed on approved forms (available at or at the office of Institute of Advanced Management of WSB-NLU).

    f) A professional resume that shows the applicant's educational and work history.

    g) A nonrefundable application fee.

    h) Two passport-type photographs.